Poem 1013

Midday winds- –
the sand dunes sifted
to the sea.

Poem 1029

Sundial garden
just genes sprouting
the tomatoes out.

Poem 1045

Cool heavens …
Orion moves into
the affairs of men.

Poem 1061

Sundial garden
moving handfuls of cow-dung
the bed of roses.

Poem 1077

Garden storm
winter licking
the skeletons of trees.

Poem 1093

Sundial garden
the lean of the wildflowers
from the winter shade.

Poem 1109

Sundial garden
the sound of the gate locking
behind the old dog.

Poem 1125

Sundial garden
vegetables and flowers
for the family table.

Poem 1014

End of holidays…
the beach waves unchanged
around my feet.

Poem 1030

Sundial garden
the dropped fig
spilling its seeds.