her black kimono–
winds shimmer
its autumn leaves


cherry blossoms dance
in her kimono
Maple leaves on the blue

Poem 1285

her red silk kimono
through the French doors also
cherry blossoms sweep.


Wet Sunday …
parts of the newspaper
in every room.


she leaves the room
an afterimage
her red silk kimono

Poem 1322

Apricot sky
the wind wraps and unwraps
her silk kimono.

Poem 1281

In the mirror
my yoga pose
in a beam of light.

Poem 1298

Red silk kimono
the cherry blossoms
carpet around her.

Poem 1315

Bamboo wind-chimes
lightly in the breeze
her red silk kimono.

Poem 1282

Broken mirror
the boy’s horror
in his shattered face.