Poem 1712

Old jailhouse walls
a rose-vine goes over
with the dawn.

Poem 1951

Ripe tomatoes
blood warm in the glass house
the winter sun.

Poem 1663

Long drive home
the sleeping tot’s doll
just nods and nods.

Poem 1774

Early breakfast
an already summer dawn
baking the kitchen.

Poem 1471

Twilight chill
the owl sees the mouse see
the owl see.

Poem 1534

Winter morning
leaving the train station
a friend’s last wave.

Poem 1357

I saw her
the lime bikini blonde
writing love in the sand.

Poem 1952

While I passed their rooms
the school of Geisha
serving perfect teas.

Poem 1840

as she likes it
bed and her romance novel.

Poem 1437

Little reaching fingers
the bread’s butter-side up
so close on the floor.