new lace curtains
the merriment of spring
out the window

Poem 2400

Emptying the nest …
hovering for a moment
the downy chick.

Poem 2384

Grandfather clock strikes
the moonlight moves
into the attic.

Poem 2368

Pelican family
stepping out of wings
to the shallow tide.

Poem 2352

Indian summer
another wave folding
moonlight in its sound.

Poem 2463

Without a wing
circling in a breeze
the oxeye daisy.

Poem 2447

Long grass
fresh mown…
the bamboo rake turning green.

Poem 2431

Rain forest
in and out with its torch
the full moon.

Poem 2415

Today she leaves home
a young dove flapping
her wings about.

Poem 2399

Two tree hill
how our names grow
in the heart.