windjammer sails
red ballons
in the sunset harbour


creaking as she moves
the windjammer
stretches into the first light


away on her own
a tryst with the sea

Poem 2541

Windjammer bones
yet the sea’s first cooled rock
still its deepest treasure.

Poem 2475

Fluttering – –
how gently the monarch
leaves the rose.

Poem 2492

grandma’s lunch
children around old lace
in the light of the sun.

Poem 2508

An albatross lands
at once the windjammer
fills her sails.

Poem 2524

A swoop of gulls …
the windjammer’s sails
lifting all of us.

Poem 2540

brushing the stars
to the moon.

Poem 2556

Windjammer passing–
a whale calf looks back
to its mother.