Poem 2555

A breathless dawn
the windjammer wheel
no one stands to.

Poem 2504

Arms folded
to the crescent moon
the windjammer captain.

Poem 2488

garden table
the book of history
leafed by a wind.

Poem 2567

Of summers past
the windjammer barnacles
tied to the wharf.

Poem 2551

At dawn
windjammer following
the wild geese home.

Poem 2539

Windjammer in the sun
sailing only
on the mantelpiece.

Poem 2523

Misty rain …
quietly out of the dusk
the windjammer beside us.

Poem 2507

Captain’s daughter
the windjammer in white
for her wedding.

Poem 2491

first of spring
sharpening the shadows
in the sunlight.

Poem 2570

In winter waves
a sudden storm bemoans
the windjammer.