Poem 1198

Lake mirror
a frog leaps into
the face of the moon
Re: Basho’


no where
but my shaving mirror
Laurel’s shower mist


high moon
such sweetness behind
these blackberry thorns

Poem 1142

In the garage mirror
a closer lean on father
repairing her doll-pram’s wheel.

Poem 1251

In the mirror
a sliver of moon
rides the curtain breeze.

Poem 1195

Lake mirror
the cries of belonging
from the migrant geese.


in the window mirror
she passes to work–
her bump rounder

Poem 1274

Rear-view mirror
the sense of it before the crash.

Poem 1140

Sundial garden
then in winter nests
just sparrow bones.

Poem 1156

In the mirror
the tot counting stars
with her baby lisp.