Poem 1267

Attic dust
the cracked mirror
the cracked mirror’s broken toys.

Poem 1235

In the mirror
the blue of her baby’s eyes
suckled at the breast.

Poem 1219

In the mirror
her un-ravelled hem
others saw all day.

Poem 1203

Friday seance
our blanket covering
the mirror’s crack.

Poem 1187

In the dresser mirror
my wedding ring passed over
by moonlight.

Poem 1171

In the mirror
deflating on the floor
a child’s birthday balloons.

Poem 1155

Small clear lake
below the mirror
flint-stone tools from the past.

Poem 1266

a crack across
the lake’s mirror.

Poem 1250

Rocking chair
in – – out of the mirror
grandmother’s crochet.

Poem 1234

Card night
a newcomer in the mirror
reading all our plays.