Poem 1188

In the mirror
the light globe leaving
its heat outside.

Poem 1204

Singing rock star …
her too as she mimes
into the mirror.

Poem 1220

Pond mirror
a frog with the measure
of an incoming fly.

Poem 1236

In the mirror
a sprinkle of strangers
around Father’s wake.

Poem 1252

No sun today …
yet in the mirror
the thaw drips, drips,

Poem 1268

Lake picnic
no one seeing
the canoe drift away.

Poem 1141

Sundial garden
a cricket chirp short
of twilight.

Poem 1157

In the mirror
the orange tree swinging
its solitary fruit.

Poem 1173

In the mirror
the self-drawing slips
from Laurel’s hand.

Poem 1189

After his wake
father’s face
in my shaving mirror.